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Haizhu Public Library General Situation

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HaizhuPublic Library of guangzhou is located at the fourth floor of the North-SouthSquare No.39 Baogang Road Haizhu District, next to the Baogang Dadao Zhongbus station, the traffic is convenience. The area of Haizhu Public Library is5000 square meter, there are 500 seats and two hundred sixty thousand books.Library also has Circulation Area, Newspaper Area, Children Area, MultimediaReading-Room, Study Room, Multi-Function Room and supporting servicefacilities. 'Reader first, Service first' is Haizhu Public Library consistentworking purpose, Circulation Area, Newspaper Area, Children Area andperiodicals are open to read for free; Reader can borrow literature withreader's card; Free to use the Multimedia Reading-Room after registered with IDcard. Haizhu Public Library holds various and heterogeneous activities, opens afilm forum for running popular science videos on long term; Regularly holdspublic lecture to rich people's cultural lives. The operation of the Haizhudistrict in resource integration and allocation allows better overall networkconstruction. Haizhu Public Library now has many branch libraries, such asSuhua, Tuhua, Changgang, Nanshitou, Ruibao, Chigang ans so on.  Haizhu Public Library has already joined theapplied project of the Library Coordinated loan and return in Guangzhou region.Holding a Haizhu Public Library’s card, reader can borrow books from thenearest library, share the literature resource. Haizhu Public Library will trybest to develop new service points to meet the needs of haizhu public, letpeople feel a strong sense of culture.