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The Haizhuqu District Library of Guangzhou is located at 39 Baogang Road, 4 floor, North and south of Haizhuqu District. It is close to the bus station of Baogang Avenue and Haizhu District Commission. It has convenient transportation. The museum has an area of 5000 square meters, with more than 500 seats and more than 260 thousand books. The library has a service window, such as a lending office, a periodical room, a children's room, a multi-media reading room, a self-study room, a multi-function hall, etc.

The Haizhuqu District library adheres to the tenet of "readers first and service first". The books and newspapers and periodicals of the external loan department, the periodical room and the children's room are all open, free of evidence and free for all readers to read in the library; the readers can handle the books and periodicals by virtue of the documentary evidence; and the multi-media reading room can be used free of charge after the registration of ID documents. Service.

The Haizhuqu District library carries out the multi-level and multi project reader service activities, opens the "film and Television Forum" for a long time to play various popular science films, regularly holds the "Haizhu Street Forum" and other public welfare lectures, enriching and activating the spiritual and cultural life of the masses.

The Haizhuqu District library has now set up a number of Library branches, such as Su society, Tu Hua, Changgang, South Stone, Rui Bao and Chi Gang, and further improve the construction of the service network of Public Libraries in the area. Our library has opened a "loan and return" service. The reader holds the library card of the Haizhuqu District library. It can borrow books near each other, close the book and share the literature resources.

Haizhuqu District library will strive to make progress, continue to open new service points, send books to the door of the people's homes, make the cultural atmosphere filled in Haizhu, and better meet the needs of the readers.