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Haizhu Public Library Reader's card Guideline

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Acceptable member

 For the people who keep the rules of Haizhu PublicLibrary, present valid ID card to apply related service. One card for onereader only, it's ownership belongs to library. 

Functionof Reader's card

Reader can borrow general books, periodicals, newspapers withyour own card, read local literature and braille books by appointment. The quantityand variety of literature refer to . Free to go through the library by a valid card.Get WIFI service by reader's card number and password. First time to apply acard: Get a reader's card from self-service machine for those who is over 10years old and hold a valid ID card.

Applicantshould agree to obey all the rules of library, and make sure the informationyou provided is true; 2, Show your own original ID card, and verify by machine.3, Enter your valid contact number; 4, Applicant under 10 years old should comewith guardian and his/her valid ID card.

Applyreader's card form Service Counter

1,Show the valid ID document: PRC shows the second-generation ID card; Officer onservice shows his own ID card; Taiwan, Hongkong or Macao resident shows permit;Foreigner shows original passport. Child under 10 years old should come withthe guardian, also shows ID card or Hukou book. The guardian should show theoriginal ID card and sign to agree being responsible for the child. Authorizershould show original ID card and sign as well. 2, Child applyby Hukou bookshould provide a photograph with size 2.5cm*3.5cm. Taiwan, Hongkong or Macaoresident should provide a photograph with size 2.5cm*3.5cm. 3, Fill the form, applicant should agree andfollow library rules. It is free to apply for a card for the first time.


1, Reader should set and keep his own unit password for it's importantto deal with all work. 2, the maximum length of a valid password is 6characters, contains numbers 0-9 and letter 'X'. 3, Applying reader's card bythe second-generation ID card, the password is the last 6 numbers or letter ofthe ID card number bydefault ('X' was replaced by * on the phone). Peoplecan set their password by himself when using other document to apply a reader'scard. 4, Reader can call 83801293, follow the instruction, enter the reader's card number and old password, then changethe password after ID conformation. 5, If password loss, please come to librarywith valid ID card, reset under librarian’s assistance. It is free of chargefor resetting password.


Anyreader's information changes, please contact with librarian to update thedata--1, Come to the service counter and show your original ID card. The personappointed to change information should bring both original ID card. 2, Pleasereturn all the literature, pay for the late fee if applicable.3,Updateinformation. 4, Free of charge for changing information.

Renewa reader's card

Becauseof card losing, being stolen, returned or damaged, once need to have a newreader's card, please go to the service counter. 1, Showyour valid ID card: Reader should show the ID card which were used toregistered the old card; Child under 10 year's old should come with guardian.The guardian should show the original ID card and sign to agree beingresponsible for the child. The person appointed to change information shouldbring both original ID card. 2, Please return all the literature, pay for thelate fee if applicable. 3, Fill , applicant should sign to agree to follow the library rules. 4, forrenewing a card, reader should pay 10 Yuan charge cost of production.


Ifreader's card was lost or stolen, please come to library or call 83801293 intime to report your loss. 1, For coming counter, please show your original IDcard which used to registered the old card. Authorizer show the original IDcard if applicable; 2, For phone call, please dell 83801293, after gettingthrough, follow the instruction, enter the reader's card numberand password; 3, Before the reader's card being report lost, reader should beresponsible for all the relevant fee, including overdue, book damaged, lost thebook and cost from renewing a card. 4, The card will be negative when it's beenreported loss. 5, Free of charge for reporting loss.

Reader'scard out of service

Oneof following case, the reader's card would be disabled--1,  Show your original ID card, 2, Already havecard reported loss; 3, Reader's card got damaged but the holder hasn't got anew one; 4, Violation of a provision can lead to stop using the reader's card.Apply for resuming the card is free.

Reader'scard back in use

 Reader should come to library with the unspoiled card postapplication--1, Show the original ID card which used to registered the reader'scard, authorizer should show original ID card and sign as well. 2, Confirmedthe information, and no book overdue or late fee, then reader can get the cardback in use. 3, this service is free. Effective method for dealing with bookdamaged: Reader should keep the card properly. If the reader's card wasdamaged, reader might need to apply for a new one.

Refundthe reader's card

Readercan refund the card at service counter--1, Show your valid ID card, it mustbelong to Haizhu Public Library and registered by your own ID card; Show youroriginal ID card; authorizer show the original ID card if applicable; Child whohasn't reach 10 years old should come with guardian. Guardian should showoriginal ID card. 2, Please return all the literature, pay for the late fee ifapplicable. 3, Card holder, the guardian or authorizer need to sign to agree torefund the card. 4, Hand over the reader's card. 5, If there are any deposit,that's refundable. 6, Free of charge for refunding.


HaizhuPublic Library exempt deposit from 17 November 2014. Fees paid arerefundable--1, Show your valid ID card, it must belong to Haizhu Public Libraryand registered by your own ID card; Show your original ID card; authorizer showthe original ID card if applicable; Child who hasn't reach 10 years old shouldcome with guardian. Guardian should show original ID card. 2, Please return allthe literature, pay for the late fee if applicable, then your application canbe accepted. 3, If reader's card has been lost, reader should reported lossfirst. 4, if there are more than one reader's card under the same ID, keep onefor value, and others should be return to library. 5, Card holder, guardian orauthorizer should sign the relevant paper and get the deposit back. 6, Forprocessing time and location, refer to Haizhu Public Library web or the poster at the mall. 7, Free of charge fordeposit refunded. Statement: Haizhu Public Library reserve the right to changethe specifications according to the law. All the specifications are subject toHaizhu Public Library web .