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Haizhu District Library 4.23 "Reading for half an hour" National Reading Activity Entering Seagull Kindergarten

Release Time:2018-04-26  Return

In order to implement the keynote speech of the General Secretary of the Internship, Mr. Jinping, who participated in the deliberation of the Guangdong delegation at the 13th National People's Congress, further promoted the implementation of the “Mongolian Reading” theme activity in our district, and strengthened the linkage effect of reading and promotion activities to promote reading for the whole people. The activities went deep into the grassroots. From 8:30 to 9:00 in the morning on April 23rd, the Haizhu District Library held a 4.23 “Flavour for Books, Enjoying Reading” and “Reading for half an hour” national reading activities. More than 260 teachers and students participated in the reading. Together with the parent-child reading activity organized by the students and parents in the previous week, the total number of online and offline participants reached more than 3,800.


In order to cultivate children's good reading habits, the site has issued readership certificates for more than 200 children in the park to facilitate the borrowing of books by the children, and has organized a Family Parenting Reading Week before the event. Parents are invited to join the children for a week before the event. A total of half an hour of books were read, and photographs of parents and children were sent to the circle of friends to "punch." On the day of the event, the librarian introduced the origin of the 4.23 “World Reading Day” at the event and served as a reader to lead all teachers and students, parents and friends to read the classic book “The Three-character Classics”. At the end of the event, the library issued a “Book Baby” award for children who insisted on participating in online reading and punching activities.

The event was an important part of the Provincial People's Department’s “Reading Cantonese More Outstanding” national reading activity. During the half-hour of the event, hundreds of public spaces and outdoor venues in the province took part in the co-reading activities. Haizhu District Kindergarten outdoor The playground is one of them. This activity achieved reading through the various corners and time points of life through the family's week-long reading, online punch promotion, and kindergarten teachers and students “reading for half an hour”. The implementation of Haizhu District’s “Reading for All” was implemented. "The theme of the theme of the month's activities, so that more families develop the "love to read, read more, read a good book" good habits, in the whole society to create a strong atmosphere of reading.