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“The rule of law is heart-warming, the spirit of the book runs the mind,” and community correction education learning activities are held at the District Children’s Library.

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    On the morning of May 4 Youth Day, a special youth event was held at the Haizhu District Children's Library, which was organized by the Haizhu District Justice Bureau and the Haizhu District Children's Library. "Community correction learning and education activities. Fourteen inmates and their parents who were under community corrections after committing a crime took part in the event.

    At the beginning of the event, the underage youths and their parents visited the Children’s Library under the leadership of the Director of the District Library, Guo Yingjia, to learn more about the construction of the library, the overall layout and the process of book borrowing. Subsequently, Yang Chongbin, deputy director of Haizhu District Justice Bureau and director of the District Community Corrections Office, gave warning education to the underserved prisoners of the underage community. The Bureau of Justice and the Library also presented to each serving person in the minor community the “commonly used legal text readers,” “Happy Guangzhou, peers with the rule of law” and a number of world famous books.

Later, the District Justice Bureau, the District Prosecutor's Office, the District Children's Library, and the parents of the minor community serving prisoners held a discussion centering on the theme of “How to be a qualified parent” and gave detailed information on the confusion and difficulties parents encountered in teaching. Answers and guidance. During the discussion, the organizers also organized minors in the community to perform reading activities in the library. The children are free to search for and read books under a strong reading atmosphere, and are happy to share their reading experience with the staff.


     Finally, under the guidance of the staff of the library, the underserved staff of the underage community also applied for readership certificates on the spot. In order to give their children a good example, their parents also consciously handled readership certificates. This activity not only further strengthened the awareness of the rule of law of the prisoners in the underage community, but also enabled them to be well-educated. (Haizhu District Justice Bureau, Haizhu District Library)