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Haizhu District Library's 2018 Science and Technology Innovation Week starts

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  On May 19, “Innovation and Development of a Better Life” - Haizhu District Library's 2018 Science and Technology Innovation Week was launched at the District Children's Library. At 9:00 in the morning, the "Starry Solar System" Science Photo Exhibition on the Tropic of Cancer opened in the reading area on the first floor of the District Children's Museum. The exhibition was hosted by the Guangdong Library Society, the Guangdong Provincial Zhongshan Library, and was hosted by the Haizhu District Library. , Displaying 40 popular science pictures, introduced the sun-centered knowledge of the solar sciences, including the basic overview of the Sun and the eight planets. The exhibition will last for one week.

  At 10:30, the STEM popularization event with the theme of "Design recycled paper - Earth is my home, environmental protection depends on everyone" was held in the District Children's Library Reporting Hall. During the activity, the young readers introduced and guided by the teacher. Understand the paper production process, and use waste newspapers, paper boxes, starch, juicer and other tools, try to make recycled paper.

  This week of science and technology innovation activities will continue until the end of May. Haizhu District Library will host a total of 8 events including astronomical science exhibition tour, popular science experience events, science fiction movie appreciation society, parent-child popular science story and science toy building. There are more than 5,000 people.(海珠区图书馆 陈鸿)