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Haizhu Public Library literature service specifications

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 Literature service:

 Haizhu Public Library opens to public for free. Services include booksearching, reading and lending.The literature service include: paper books,periodicals, newspapers, CDs attached books, videos, electronic press, eBooks,surf the Internet and so on. Book searching: Library provide computers forreaders to self-service retrieval, reader can use the specified computer tosearch information through the Guangzhou city level and district level onlinepublic access catalogues. Reader also can search on the Haizhu Public Libraryweb "www.hzlibHYPERLINK "".com". For assistance, contact the librarian. Reading: Generalbooks are open to public, readers can choose books, periodicals and newspaperson the shelves, and can also choose electronic press. The respect andprotection for the intellectual properties are important, please do not remakeor copy substantial parts of those material. Take up a lot of literature at atime is not allowed. The latest newspapers, the current year's magazines, referencebooks, videos and specific literature could be read inside the library, notavailable for borrowing. Readers can ask for the past newspapers afterregistered and return back an hour before the library closed. The stock pastnewspapers category and term follow . The rare and precious literature and CDs collected by library can beread inside after registered; readers should look over the correct call numbersand ask the librarian to take them out for you. Content of the literature mustnot violate and copyright and must not be copied. For assistance, contact thelibrarian.


Generalbooks are open to public, readers can choose books or back numbers by yourself.If you need the CD attached book, please give the book call number to thelibrarian. Please go through the formalities with a valid reader's card whenborrowing the book, back number, or CD. If you find out that the literaturewhich you want to borrow was damaged or soiled, please inform the librarian,after being repaired and with a stamp then the literature is available to belending out. Not including the literature which is missing pages or barcode.Self-charging terminals are installed in the Library to return and borrowbooks. 1, Press 'Borrow'; 2, Choose 'Reader's Card', put it in front of thecard reader, or choose 'typing mode' input the reader's number; 3, Put theliterature close to the sensor area; 4, Check the record on the screen andconfirm; if it does not match the actual, please contact the librarian; 5,Remember to get back your own reader's card and literature once the formalityis done; 6, Materials in the General Collection can be borrowed after havingbeen checked out at the Circulation Counter; 7, Please line up when busy.

Borrowliterature at the service counter:

1,Please show valid readers card, and put the barcode onthe literature facing up; 2, Store all the literature in a facing up position;3, Upon completion of the registration, reader can ask for a list with the dateby which the literature must be returned; 4, Books, back numbers and CDs can bebring home by completing the procedure; 5, Please wait in the queue when busy.All the literature of library belongs to the common property do not bring outwithout authorization, for serious violators, it will be reported to police.Limits of authority: The one who holds readerscard of Haizhu public library, allowed to borrow and return literature, backnumbers and CDs from capital library and branch libraries; allowed to borrowand return some literature, back numbers and CDs in those libraries which hasalready joined the applied project of the Library Coordinated loan and returnin Guangzhou region. The maximum of a card having books, back numbers and CDsis 15; holding a reader's card of other library, the maximum late fee base onthat library's rules. If the card record shows there are overdue literature, orcarrying balances, no more literature can be borrowed by this card until theissues were solved.

Load Period:

Generalbooks, back numbers and CDs for lending may be borrowed for a period of 31days.

Thedate is to be accounted from the day registration.

If the deadline is the librarysclosing day, it can be postponed for the next day.


Before the deadline, reader can renew the books, back numbersand CDs--

One month longer in a time.

If your items are overdue, you may not be renewed, same as thesituation that the readers card has overdue literature,or you havent pay your late fees, you cannotborrow other literature as well.

Waysfor renewing:

1,Come to library and renew your items in the self- service machine;

2,Show your readers card, then the librarian willdo you a favor;

3,Search web, click ’RENEWAL’, input your reader’s card number and password,and follow the instruction;

4,Call 83801293, enter your readers card number and password, andfollow the instruction;

5,Search Haizhu Public Library on wechat binding your readerscard number and password, and follow the instruction.



Readershould return the books, back numbers and CDs before deadline. Use theself-service machine--1, Press Return;2, Put the items in front of the sensor interface panels; 3, Check the recordon the screen and confirm; 4, Put the items into the book tray; 5, Take yourreturning list; 6, Please wait in the queue when busy; 7, If it does not matchthe actual, please contact the librarian. Return at the service counter--1Please put the barcode on theliterature facing up; 2, Take out all the CDs; 3, to avoid unnecessarymisunderstanding, please leave after finished procedure; 4, Please wait in thequeue when busy. Suggestion: Some literature of other libraries cannot realizethe applied project of the Library Coordinated loan and return in Guangzhouregion.

Returnliterature at closed time:

Duringthe close time, literature can be returned by self-service machine. How to usethe self-service machine? 1, Press Return;2, Put the items in front of the sensor interface panels one by one; 3,Checkthe record on the screen and confirm; 4, If it does not match the actual,please cancel the operation, then return the items at counter on opening day.5, Take your returning list; 6, Please wait in the queue when busy. Suggestion:Do not put the CDs attached books into the self-service machine.  Suggestion: Some literature of otherlibraries cannot realize the applied project of the Library Coordinated loanand return in Guangzhou region. Please return to itsbelonging library.

Forthe late returns:

Acharge will be made for library literature returned late in accordance with thelibraries regulation. Each book takes a dime one day. The maximum late fee isten yuan per book. Please pay cash at the service counter.

LibraryCoordinated loan and return in Guangzhou region

Thisproject applied at September 2010, allowing readerscard holder to obtain the convenience service. Reader can choose any servicepoint to return the literature. The total number of a card is no more than fifteen. See further list for the service points .

Solutions for missing literature

Ifbooks, back numbers or CDs attached the books were missing, please contact withlibrary in time. Here are some solutions-- 1, Reader can buy a new one just thesame with the missing item, same name, same ISBN/ISSN/ISRN, same edition, handover to librarian and it charge 5 Yuan to process. 2, Without an alternateversion, please pay by money as following rules: Published before 1980 shall becompensate as ten time price; Published year between 1980-1989, shall becompensate as five time; Published year between 1990-2010, shall be compensateas three time; Published after 2011 shall be compensate as twice price. Forthose books with no price tag, all regard as 25 Yuan. 4, CD attached to thebook, charge same multiple prices with the book. 5, for those books packed insets, if you got loss some of them, charge every single of them; if there is noprice tag on them, charge multiple average price of all. 6, before dealing withthe missing book, reader should pay up late fee first. 7, Collect cash only atservice counter. 8, If the missing book was found later, all the compensationmoney could not be refunded. 9, If literature were missing, please go straightto the library in which they belong. Solutions for book damaged or soiled: 1,if reader scribbles something on the literature, he should buy a new one justthe same with it and charge 5 Yuan to process, or charge one to three timeprice in serious cases. If the circumstances are especially serious, it willresult in card termination, and no card deposit will be refunded. 2, if some ofthe pages of a book were cut follows the rules as above. If the circumstancesare especially serious, it will result in card termination, and no card depositwill be refunded, the reader would not be allowed to enter library in 30 days,not allowed to apply for a new card in 90 days. 3, If literature were bring outwithout finished borrowing procedure, it will be considered as stealing, onceit was found, charge ten times price. If the circumstances are especiallyserious, reported to the police,  it willalso result in card termination, and no card deposit will be refunded, thereader would not be allowed to enter library in 30 days, not allowed to applyfor a new card in 90 days. 4, Literature was damaged, soiled or stolen,investigates and deals with according to the library rules in which theybelong.


HaizhuPublic Library reserves the right to change the specifications according to thelaw. Any reader's information change please contact with the librarian in timefor appropriate service. All the specifications are subject to Haizhu PublicLibrary web .